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Anything But Ordinary
My Life as Kitty King
I have a Twitter now. What can I say? I'm a hip cat who needs to keep up with society.

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I have been nominated as a Santa Cat! Please vote for me here @ the Santa Cat blog ... the website supports Teach for America, so it's doubly awesome! The link is for the entire blog, but I think you all know me by sight (if not, I'm SANTACAT IV, Nominee 3)! ;)
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Today I turn 5! Mama says I am a big boy now, but that I am still her baby. Duh.

I haven't gotten my presents yet from Mama (she said we're going to Pet*smart tonight - yay!), but I already got the bestest present of all: Natasha came home! She's been missing since the wintertime. I am so excited. Momma Kate held me up and Natasha and I loved on each other. I've missed her so.

This is her this morning!
Natasha came home!

Mama says she can't believe I used to be this small:
My UVa Boy

And now I'm a big boy (but not as big as Eli).

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Guster yawns

I hope everyone enjoys my birthday! Love you Moon (always).

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My friend halomew left me a nudge, so I thought I would update with some pictures of a walk Mama and I took this past weekend. Pictures by Momma Kate, of course! I love taking walks.

I walk on my leash.
Walk Time

I love to eat grass!

Rolling on the sidewalk feels so good!
Sooo happy

There is so much to see outside.
Outdoor Reflections

For instance, Mama and I caught sight of some doves!
Spying Doves

I could just taste them...
Watchful Gus

The doves feared my predatory ways.
Predator Gus

I was so happy to be outside!

I hope everyone's weekend was as fun as mine!

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Hello everyone! I am sorry I don't update nearly as much as I should. I do write at my myspace every once in a while, and you can see pictures there. Here is the link. I will try to be better about updating here.

Things are going well. I am getting used to my new stepbrother and stepsister (who have a myspace here). They aren't so new anymore. I like to chase them and play games with them, like string. We have our routines pretty much down now and they know to never, ever sit in my blue chair! If only they would stop eating out of my bowl!

Momma Kate got a new camera, so she has been taking a bunch of pictures of me. You can find a few below the cut.

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I will try to be back soon. we have some videos we need to upload for you. In the meantime, please feel free to sign my guestbook! I would love to see pics of my friends (cat and human alike!).


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Hi everyone! Thanks for the notes. I thought I would write a little bit about my new stepmom and stepbrother and stepsister. I am doing OK, even though our house is a lot fuller! I suppose they aren't sooo bad. My Mama is very happy. My new stepmom, Kate, and my stepbrother, Eli, and stepsister, Boo, moved in with us in July. Eli and Boo are only one, so I'm a lot older and Mama says that I'm still the boss of the house. They don't ever touch my chair because they know I'm in charge. Sometimes it's nice to have someone to play with. I eat up on the hutch now so that I can eat more slowly. And my stepmomma Kate gives me turkey in the mornings and loves on me, which is really nice.

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Here's a video so you can see us all.

Much Love,

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I'm sorry I have not written in a long time, kitty friends. A lot has happened. I will write soon and update you -- there is so much to tell. I have two kitty stepsiblings and everything. For now, I wanted to post this video my new stepmom took of Mama and I walking. I am doing well; hope all my kitty (and doggy) friends are too!

Much Love,

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Does anyone have any advice regarding cats and bare patches of fur? A few days ago I noticed Guster had a little spot on his front right leg. I've never seen him biting or licking, but there's a small (quarter-sized at most) spot on his leg. I think I see a bit of redness/sores.

Today I noticed another spot on his stomach -- about twice the size of the other one. I don't see sores. Again - never seen him licking. Sometimes I think he has a small patch like that on his tummy normally. I'm all curfoodled!

I haven't been around much and he's been agitated by the new bookshelf for several weeks. Could it just be stress? Or do I need to visit the vet?

Any advice would be appreciated... I feel worried.

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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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