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Anything But Ordinary

My Life as Kitty King

14 June
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Hi! My name is Guster,and I'm a gray domestic shorthair kitty.
My mama (heymiddleground) and mom (totobeano) think they adopted me one rainy October night, but it was really I who found them. I lived with a foster family for a week or so until they had an apartment of their own for us. I love my mama and mom so much. I also like to eat, watch t.v., chase birds, and sleep.

Disclaimer: In December 2003, our photo host Yorkphoto.com stopped working with Livejournal. So, I apologize if photos in previous entries don't work. They do work if you choose properties and copy and paste the URL, but that takes too long. Hopefully new photos will work!

This is my Mama:

This is my Mom:

This is me:

I also have a honorary brother, mrjoed. He lives in Philadelphia, but we are the bestest of brothers! His mommy, raverqueenage, made us this...

She also is the one who helped Mama with my layout of my journal. So cool huh?

My Mama is the proud creator/moderator of graycatclub, a great community for gray cats, their owners, and anyone who loves kitties!